What's New

Version 6.1.5

released on September 12, 2019


  • Issues with the Submit button in Form
  • Issue with the baseline in Chart
  • Issue with Combobox popup
  • Issue with the height of uploader in Form

Version 6.1.4

released on September 5, 2019


  • Issues with date sorting in Grid
  • Issue with filters in Grid
  • Issue with resizer in Layout
  • Issue with resizing textarea in Form
  • Issues with restoring selection in Grid, DataView and List
  • Issues with Calendar styles
  • Fixes in samples

Version 6.1.3

released on August 29, 2019


  • Issues with scroll in DataView
  • Issues with styles in Chart
  • Issues with the "hidden" property in Checkboxes and RadioGroup of Form

Version 6.1.2

released on August 22, 2019


  • Restore the ability to send FormData in the send() method of Form
  • Issues with Form select
  • Issue with the add() method of Datacollection

Version 6.1.1

released on August 16, 2019


  • Issues with DnD in List and DataView
  • Issue with the getValue() method in Form

Version 6.1

released on August 15, 2019

New functionality



  • the possibility to edit items via API (DataView / List) or the configuration object (DataView / List)
  • new editing-related events: DoubleClick, BeforeEditStart, BeforeEditEnd, AfterEditStart, AfterEditEnd
  • multiple selection of items (DataView / List)
  • multiple drag-n-drop of items (DataView / List)

Data/Tree Collection

  • a new LoadError event for catching loading errors







Data/Tree Collection

  • calling sort without parameters resets applied sorting
  • the possibility to add an array of items via the add method




  • the possibility to set value for the Combo control via the configuration object of Form
  • behavior of the Slider control

Version 6.0.4

released on August 6, 2019


  • Issue with the load() method of Datacollection
  • Issue with arrow navigation in Tabbar
  • Issues with Window positioning and sizing
  • Issue with the sort() method of Datacollection
  • Issues with DnD in Tree
  • Issue with badges in Toolbar
  • Issues with Message positioning
  • Issues with names in Calendar localization
  • Styles fixes

Version 6.0.3

released on July 19, 2019


  • Issues with the require property of Form
  • Restore the setConfig() method of Form
  • Issues with Form validation
  • Issue with checkboxes in Tree
  • Issue with the Select all button in Combobox
  • Issue with virtual list in Combobox
  • Issue with selection in List
  • Issue with header filters in Grid
  • Issue with footer in Window
  • Issue with the month view in Calendar
  • Issues with key navigation in Timepicker
  • Issues with z-index in Window and Popup
  • Styles fixes

Version 6.0.2

released on July 11, 2019


  • Issues with Form custom CSS
  • Issues with Form elements
  • Issue with the getValue() method of Form
  • Issues with Menu and Context menu
  • Issues with popup in Form
  • Issue with scroll in Combobox
  • Issue with data parsing in Toolbar
  • Styles fixes

Version 6.0.1

released on July 5, 2019


  • Issues with the setValue() method of Calendar
  • Issue with the set/getValue() methods of Slider
  • Issue with buttons in Confirm message box
  • Styles fixes
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