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describes the configuration of cols/rows spans

spans?: ISpan[];


var grid = new dhx.Grid("grid_container", {    columns: [// columns config],    spans: [        {row:"0", column:"a", rowspan:5 },        {row:"0", column:"b", rowspan:9, text:"<h2>Some content here</h2>"},        {row:"0", column:"c", colspan:2, text:"Some content"},        {row:"10", column:"a", colspan:4, text:"Some header", css:"myCustomColspan"}    ],    data: dataset});

Related sample: Grid. Header Spans

Each object in the spans array contains the following properties:

row(string|number) obligatory, the id of a row
column(string|number) obligatory, the id of a column
rowspan(number) optional, the number of rows in a span
colspan(number) optional, the number of columns in a span
text(string|number) optional, the content of a span
css(string) optional, the name of a CSS class applied to a span
tooltip(boolean) enables a tooltip on hovering over the content of a span, true by default

Change log:

The tooltip property is added in v6.5.