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Custom scroll

Custom Scroll of the DHTMLX library is developed to replace the default browser scrollbars and make your application more attractive for the end users.

Pro version only

The custom scroll is available only in PRO version of the DHTMLX Suite package.

The feature can be activated on the page for all widgets at once via the enable property of the dhx.scrollViewConfig global variable before initialization of the widgets:

dhx.scrollViewConfig.enable = true; // false by default

// initializing widgets

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As a result of the above logic, DHTMLX custom scrollbars will be applied to the following widgets: List, DataView, Grid, TreeGrid, Layout cell, Toolbar, Ribbon, Sidebar, Window.

Custom scroll settings

Configuration settings for custom scrollbars are stored in the dhx.scrollViewConfig global variable.

They are:

  • dhx.scrollViewConfig.enable - defines whether custom scrollbars are enabled for all widgets at once;
  • dhx.scrollViewConfig.autoHide - defines whether the scrollbars should be hidden when a mouse pointer goes off the component;
  • dhx.scrollViewConfig.timeout - sets the length of time, in milliseconds, before the scrollbars hides
  • dhx.scrollViewConfig.scrollHandler - a function to be executed while scrolling

Default settings

The default configuration settings are the following:

dhx.scrollViewConfig.enable = false; 
dhx.scrollViewConfig.autoHide = true;
dhx.scrollViewConfig.timeout = 1000;

You can change the settings for all widgets at once before initializing the widgets:

dhx.scrollViewConfig.autoHide = false; 
dhx.scrollViewConfig.timeout = 10000;

// initializing widgets

or specify individual configuration for custom scroll of a separate widget.

Specific scroll for a widget

In case you need to specify individual scrollbars for a separate widget, you can do so via the scrollView object after initialization of the widget.

To enable/disable the custom scroll for a separate widget, use the enable()/disable() methods of the object:

// initialize the widget
const list = new dhx.List("list_container", {
template: listTemplate,
itemHeight: 52,
height: "100%",
dragMode: "both",

// enable custom scroll

// disable custom scroll

Try out the functionality in our Snippet Tool.

To force recalculation and redrawing of the custom scroll, apply the update() method:


Settings for scroll per widget

You are able to change the default settings of the custom scrollbars for the necessary widget via the scrollView object. To do that, use the syntax as in:

list.scrollView.config.autoHide = false;

list.scrollView.config.timeout = 5000;

The similar syntax is used if you need to configure settings for a Layout cell:

layout.getCell("list").scrollView.config.autoHide = false;