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DataCollection overview

A set of APIs that allow you to work with data of a component. Applicable to Chart, Combobox, DataView, Grid, List.


add()adds a new item to the component
changeId()changes the id of an element of a data collection
copy()creates a copy of an item at the defined position
exists()checks whether the specified item exists in the component
filter()filters data items in a component
find()finds the item that corresponds to the specified rule
findAll()finds all the items that correspond to the specified rule
forEach()iterates over all items of a data collection
getId()returns the id of the item by its index
getIndex()returns the index of the item by its id
getInitialData()returns the initial values of the items of a widget initialized in a data collection
getItem()returns the object of an item by its id
getLength()returns the number of all elements of a data collection
isDataLoaded()checks whether the specified data range is loaded from the server
isSaved()checks whether the changes made in a data collection are saved
load()loads data from an external file
map()iterates through all items of the component
mapRange()returns a new array of the items correspond to the specified parameters
move()moves an item to the defined position
parse()loads data from a local data source
reduce()reduces the array to a single value
remove()deletes the specified item from the component
removeAll()deletes all items from the component
save()saves changes made in a data collection to the server side
serialize()serializes the component data into JSON, XML or CSV format
sort()sorts data items in a component
update()updates properties of the item


afterAddfires after adding a new item into a data collection
afterLazyLoadfires after getting a response from the server
afterRemoveFires after removing an item from a data collection
beforeAddfires before adding a new item into a data collection
beforeLazyLoadfires before sending a request to the server
beforeRemovefires before removing an item from a data collection
changefires when a data collection is modified
loadfires when items are loaded in a data collection
loadErrorfires when loading of data fails
removeAllfires when all items are removed from a data collection