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adds a new item to the component

add(new_item: object | object[], index?: number): (string | number) | (string | number)[];


  • new_item: object | array - the object of a new item or an array of item objects
  • index: number - optional, the index of the position starting from which new items will be added


Either item's id or an array with ids of items.


// adding a new item into the beginning of a data collection{"value": 57.44787660011765, "id": "u1565340894584"},0);

// adding an array of new items into a data collection[
"value": 57.44787660011765,
"id": "u1565340894584"
"value": 14.612810637958095,
"id": "u1565340894585"
"value": 83.9707181117741,
"id": "u1565340894586"
"value": 59.01285878162044,
"id": "u1565340894587"

Related sample: Data. Add

Change log:

The possibility to pass an array of items is added in v6.1.