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finds the item that corresponds to the specified rule

find(rule: IFilterMode | DataCallback<T>): T;


  • rule: object | function - the search criteria


An object of the matching item.


//searching for an item by the function
const item ={
if(item.text==="Manager"||item.text==="Marketer"){return true}

//searching for an item by the attribute key
const item ={by:"text",match:"Manager"});

Related sample: Data. Find

The rule parameter:

  • if set as DataCallback(item: T, index?: number, array?: T[]), the search will be applied by the rule specified in the function
  • if set as an IFilterMode object, the parameter contains the following attributes:
    • by - (string,function) the search criterion (either the key of the item attribute or a search function)
    • match - (string) the value of the item attribute