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sorts data items in a component

sort(rule?: object, config?: object): void;


  • rule: object - an object with parameters for sorting. The parameters are:
    • by: string | number - the id of a data field (a column of Grid)
    • dir: string - the direction of sorting "asc" or "desc"
    • as: function - a function that specifies the type to sort data as
    • rule: function - optional, a sorting rule; the function must have two parameters and return a number (-1,0,1)
  • config: object - defines the parameter of sorting. It may contain one property:
    • smartSorting: boolean - specifies whether a sorting rule should be applied each time after changing the data set

as: function(item){
return item.toUpperCase();
smartSorting: true

// cancels applied sorting rules;

Related sample: Data. Sorting


Calling the method without parameters will discard all applied sorting rules.

Custom sorting‚Äč

To set a custom function for sorting you need to specify the rule attribute in a passed object. For example:{
rule: (a, b) => > ? 1 : ( < ? -1 : 0)

Change log:

The config parameter is added in v7.0.