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sets selection to specified cells

setCell(row?: object | string | number, col?: object | string | number, ctrlUp?: boolean, shiftUp?: boolean): void;


  • row: object | string | number - an object with a cell to be selected or the id of a row
  • column: object | string | number - the config of a column or its id
  • ctrlUp: boolean - true - to select the desired rows or cells, otherwise - false (for multiselection mode)
  • shiftUp: boolean - true - to select a range of rows or cells, otherwise - false (for multiselection mode)


const grid = new dhx.Grid("grid_container", {
columns: [
// columns config
multiselection: false,
data: dataset

const row =;
const column = grid.getColumn("yearlyChange");
grid.selection.setCell(row, column);

For details about how to set selection to multiple cells/rows, see Setting selection to cells.

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