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fires after a window is hidden

afterHide: (position: IPosition, events?: Event) => void;


  • position: object - an object with coordinates of the window's position
  • events: Event - a native event object

Example"afterHide", function(position, events){
console.log("A window is hidden", events);

Related sample: Window. Events

The position parameter contains two attributes:

  • left - (number) the left coordinate of the window's position (in pixels)
  • top - (number) the top coordinate of the window's position (in pixels)

When the user closes the window by clicking on the Close icon (when the closable option is enabled), the native event object will be passed into the second argument.

Note, the event fires in 2 cases:

  1. While calling the hide() method.
  2. While the closable option is enabled and a user clicks on the Close icon.

Change log:

The position and events parameters have been added in v7.0.