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Window API overview


attach()attaches a DHTMLX component to a DHTMLX Window
attachHTML()adds an HTML content into a DHTMLX Window
destructor()removes a window instance and releases occupied resources
getContainer()returns the HTML element of Window
getPosition()gets the position of a window
getSize()gets the size of window
getWidget()returns the widget attached to Window
hide()hides a window
isFullScreen()checks whether the window is in the full screen mode
isVisible()checks whether a window is visible
paint()repaints a window on a page
setFullScreen()switches the window into the full screen mode
setPosition()sets the position of a window
setSize()sets the size of a window
show()shows a window on a page
unsetFullScreen()switches the window from the full screen mode into the windowed mode


afterHidefires after a window is hidden
afterShowfires after a window is shown
beforeHidefires before a window is hidden
beforeShowfires before a window is shown
headerDoubleClickfires on double clicking the header of a window
movefires on moving a window
resizefires on resizing a window


closabledefines whether a window can be closed
cssadds style classes for the component
footeradds a footer to a window
headeradds a header to a window
heightsets the height of a window
htmlsets an HTML content into a window on initialization
leftthe left coordinate of a window position
minHeightsets the minimal height of a window
minWidthsets the minimal width of a window
modaldefines whether a window is modal
movabledefines whether a window is movable
nodeoptional, the container for a window or its id
resizabledefines whether a window can be resized
titleadds some text into the header of a window
topthe top coordinate of a window position
viewportOverflowdefines whether a window can go beyond borders of a browser
widthsets the width of a window