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sets a dataset for a tree

data?: array;


const data = new dhx.TreeCollection();
const tree = new dhx.Tree("tree_container", {data: data});

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Each data object can have the following properties:

value(string) the value of an item
id(string, number) the id of an item
opened(boolean) optional, defines whether an item is opened by default
checkbox(boolean) optional, enables/disables displaying a checkbox for a tree item
items(array) an array of children items
icon(object) allows adding custom icons for a tree item
Related sample: Tree. Custom dataset icons
const tree = new dhx.Tree("tree_container", {
"value": "Books",
"id": "Books",
"opened": true,
"checkbox": true,
"items": [
"value": "Thrillers",
"id": "Thrillers",
"icon": {
"folder": "fas fa-book",
"openFolder": "fas fa-book-open",
"file": "fas fa-file"

You can disable displaying a checkbox for a tree item via the update method of tree collection."Books", {checkbox:false});
  • parent - (string) the id of the parent of a tree item

For example, you can get the parent of an item using the getItem method of tree collection."Thrillers").parent
// "Books""Books").parent
// "_ROOT_u1574768464563"