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A control intended for creating groups of checkboxes.

CheckboxGroup control

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Adding CheckboxGroup#

You can easily add a Checkbox control during initialization of a form:

var form = new dhx.Form("form_container", {     rows: [        {            id: "checkboxGroup",            type: "checkboxGroup",            name: "checkboxGroup",            required: true,            label: "Checkbox Group",            labelWidth: 140,            labelPosition: "left",            helpMessage: "Help information",            padding: "50px",            value: {                first: true,            },            options: {                padding: "50px",                rows: [                    {                        id: "first",                        type: "checkbox",                        text: "Select 1",                    },                    {                        id: "second",                        type: "checkbox",                        text: "Select 2",                        checked: true                    }                ]            }        }     ]});

Properties of CheckboxGroup#

View the full list of configuration properties of the CheckboxGroup control.

Properties of Checkbox of CheckboxGroup control#

Check the full list of configuration properties of a Checkbox of the CheckboxGroup control.

Working with CheckboxGroup#

You can manipulate a CheckboxGroup control by using methods or events of the object returned by the getItem() method.

For example, you can hide a control on a page:

var value = form.getItem("CheckboxGroup").hide();


Check the full list of methods of the CheckboxGroup control.


Check the full list of events of the CheckboxGroup control.