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You can apply different languages to the interface of dhtmlxForm, specifically to its SimpleVault control. You just need to translate the corresponding strings for Form labels and apply a ready locale to the component.

Default locale#

The default (English) locale for Form looks like this:

var en = {    simpleVaultText: "Drag & drop files or folders here or",    simpleVaultLabel: "browse files"};

Custom locale#

To use a different locale, your need to:

  • define necessary language settings: provide translation for all text labels (in the SimpleVault control), e.g. the German locale looks like this:
var de = {    simpleVaultText: "Drag & Drop Dateien oder Ordner hier oder",    simpleVaultLabel: "Suchen Sie Dateien durch"};
  • apply the language settings by calling the dhx.i18n.setLocale() method before Form initialization:
dhx.i18n.setLocale("form", de);var form = new dhx.Form("form_container");

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