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Pro version only

This functionality requires PRO version of the DHTMLX Grid (or DHTMLX Suite) package.

fires before the user has finished dragging and released the mouse button over a target column

beforeColumnDrop: (data: IDragInfo, events: MouseEvent) => void | boolean;


  • data: object - data object
  • events: MouseEvent - a native HTML event object


Return false to block the default action; otherwise, true.

Example"beforeColumnDrop", function(data, events){
// your logic here
return false;

Related sample: Grid. Columns drag'n'drop

The data object contains the following parameters:

start(string, number) the id of a column, from which the dragging process has started
source(array) an array with ids of dragged columns
target(string, number) the id of a potential target column

Change log:

  • added in v6.5
  • Before v7.0, the event took two parameters - sourceId and targetId.
  • In v7.0, the parameters were replaced with new ones: data and e.