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Timepicker properties


type: "timepicker",
name?: string,
id?: string,
value?: Date | number | string | array | object,

css?: string,
disabled?: boolean, // false by default
editable?: boolean, // false by default
height?: string | number | "content", // "content" by default
hidden?: boolean, // false by default
padding?: string | number,
required?: boolean, // false by default
validation?: (input: string) => boolean,
width?: string | number | "content", // "content" by default

controls?: boolean, // false by default
icon?: string,
placeholder?: string,
timeFormat?: 12 | 24, // 24 by default
valueFormat?: "string" | "timeObject", // "string" by default

hiddenLabel?: boolean, // false by default
label?: string,
labelPosition?: "left" | "top", // "top" by default
labelWidth?: string | number,

helpMessage?: string,
preMessage?: string,
successMessage?: string,
errorMessage?: string,


  • type - (required) the type of a control, set it to "timepicker"
  • name - (optional) the name of a control
  • id - (optional) the id of a control, auto-generated if not set
  • value - (optional) the initial value of the TimePicker control:
    • The date set as a number is the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 UTC returned by the getTime() method of the Date object.
    • The value of a timepicker set as an array should have the following elements:
      • the hour value
      • the minutes value
      • the "AM/PM" identifier for 12-hour format as a string
    • The value set as an object:
      • for the 24-hour format contains key:value pairs for hours, minutes and their values:
        {hour: 0, minute: 39}
      • for the 12-hour format contains key:value pairs for hours, minutes, am/pm identifiers and their values:
        {hour: 6, minute: 0, AM: true}
  • css - (optional) adds style classes to a control
  • disabled - (optional) defines whether a control is enabled (false) or disabled (true), false by default
  • editable - (optional) allows a user to enter the value of the control manually, false by default
  • height - (optional) the height of a control, "content" by default
  • hidden - (optional) defines whether a control is hidden, false by default
  • padding - (optional) sets padding between a cell and a border of the TimePicker control
  • required - (optional) defines whether a control is required, false by default
  • validation - (optional) the validation function, takes as a parameter the value to validate and returns true/false to indicate the result of validation
  • width - (optional) the width of a control, "content" by default
  • controls - (optional) defines whether a timepicker is equipped with the Close and Save buttons, false by default
  • icon - (optional) the CSS class name of an icon from the used icon font
  • placeholder - (optional) a tip for the input
  • timeFormat - (optional) defines what clock format is activated: the 12-hour or 24-hour one. Set the property to 12 or 24 (default) value, correspondingly, 24 by default
  • valueFormat - (optional) defines the format of the value to be applied when working with the events of the timepicker control: "string" (default), "timeObject"
  • hiddenLabel - (optional) makes the label invisible, false by default
  • label - (optional) specifies a label for a control
  • labelPosition - (optional) defines the position of a label: "left" | "top" (default)
  • labelWidth - (optional) sets the width of the label of a control
  • helpMessage - (optional) adds a help message to a control
  • preMessage - (optional) a message that contains instructions for interacting with the control
  • successMessage - (optional) a message that appears in case of successful validation of the control value
  • errorMessage - (optional) a message that appears in case of error during validation of the control value


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