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Work with Layout

Removing cells#

To remove a certain cell from a layout, apply the removeCell() method. As a parameter it takes the id of a cell to be removed:


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Getting the object of a cell#

You can get the object of a cell by its id. Use the getCell() method for this purpose:


Attaching a component to a cell#

You can easily attach any DHTMLX component (except for Message, Popup, Window) to a cell of Layout using the attach() method of a cell:

var layout = new dhx.Layout({width:"400px", height:"600px"});
var list = new dhx.List(null, {    template: listTemplate,    itemHeight: 52,    height: "100%",    dragMode: "both"});'../common/library.json');

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The Message, Popup, Window components can't be attached to the Layout cell because these components can't have the parent container due to their architecture principles.

Attaching an HTML content to a cell#

You can easily attach some HTML content to a cell of Layout via the attachHTML() method of a cell. It takes as a parameter a string with HTML.

var layout = new dhx.Layout({width:"400px", height:"600px"});var html = "<p>Hello world</p>";layout.getCell("content").attachHTML(html);

Hiding/showing a cell#

It is possible to hide/show a cell with the help of its API. Both the hide() and show() methods take the id of a cell as a parameter.

// hiding a celllayout.getCell("toolbar").hide();

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// showing a celllayout.getCell("toolbar").show();

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Checking visibility of a cell#

Since the object of a cell has the hidden attribute, a cell can be hidden in a layout. You can check the visibility of a cell via the isVisible() method. It returns true if the cell is visible and false if it is hidden.

layout.getCell("sidebar").isVisible(); // -> true|false

Collapsing/expanding a cell#

You can collapse/expand a specified cell using two corresponding methods of a Layout cell - collapse() and expand():

// collapsing a cell by its idlayout.getCell("sidebar").collapse();
// expanding a cell by its idlayout.getCell("sidebar").expand();

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Toggling a cell#

It is also possible to collapse and expand a specified cell of Layout using the toggle() method of a cell:


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