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Changing Suite themes

Changing all themes

You may notice that CSS variables of the default theme include variables of the color scheme:

--dhx-h-primary: 200;
--dhx-s-primary: 98%;
--dhx-l-primary: 40%;

--dhx-h-secondary: 0;
--dhx-s-secondary: 0%;
--dhx-l-secondary: 30%;

--dhx-h-danger: 0;
--dhx-s-danger: 100%;
--dhx-l-danger: 60%;

--dhx-h-success: 154;
--dhx-s-success: 89%;
--dhx-l-success: 37%;

--dhx-h-background: 0;
--dhx-s-background: 0%;
--dhx-l-background: 100%;
--dhx-a-background: 0.5;

Color values are specified in the HSL format, where:

  • hue is a degree on the color wheel from 0 to 360. 0 is red, 120 is green, 240 is blue;
  • saturation is a percentage value; 0% means completely unsaturated (gray) and 100% is completely saturated;
  • lightness is a percentage value; 100% is white, 0% is black, and 50% is "normal".

Due to the use of these CSS variables, color scheme is calculated automatically. It means, that if you change some value for the variable from the color scheme in the root, values for the "contrast-light", "dark", and "contrast-dark" themes will be recalculated automatically in real time.

For instance, you can override the primary colors for all Suite themes at once in the following way:

:root {
--dhx-h-primary: 0;
--dhx-l-primary: 30%;

In addition, values of variables, which are calculated on the base of the primary color, will be recalculated accordingly. For example, the value of the focused color is calculated as follows:

--dhx-color-focused: hsl(calc(var(--dhx-h-primary) + 10), var(--dhx-s-primary), var(--dhx-l-primary));

Changing a separate theme

If you want to override some color values for a separate Suite theme, you need to do this in the 'data-dhx-theme' attribute:

[data-dhx-theme='light'] {
/* border */
--dhx-border-color: #ced4da;
/* end border */

/* color scheme */
--dhx-h-primary: 210;
--dhx-s-primary: 30%;
--dhx-l-primary: 20%;

--dhx-h-secondary: 185;
--dhx-s-secondary: 5%;
--dhx-l-secondary: 50%;

--dhx-h-danger: 6;
--dhx-s-danger: 78%;
--dhx-l-danger: 57%;

--dhx-h-success: 168;
--dhx-s-success: 77%;
--dhx-l-success: 42%;

--dhx-l-background: 98%;
/* end color scheme */

const firstDate = new Date();
const secondDate = new Date( + 1000000000);

const calendar = new dhx.Calendar("calendar", {
range: true,
value: [firstDate, secondDate],
css: "custom dhx_widget--bordered"