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Optional. Specifies an array of data objects to set into the combobox


Please note that if you specify the id fields in the data collection, their values should be unique. You can also omit the id fields in the data collection. In this case they will be generated automatically.

data?: object[];


Each object in the data set contains a number of key:value pairs that represent attributes of Combo options. The available attributes are:

  • id?: string | number - optional, the id of the data option
  • value?: string- optional, the text value of the option
  • src?: string- optional, the path to the image
  • icon?: string - optional, the CSS class of the displayed icon (for example, "dxi dxi-check")

It is not possible to use the src and icon attributes together.


const combo = new dhx.Combobox("combo_container",{
data: [
"value": "Austria",
"src": "../common/flags/at.png"
"value": "Belgium",
"src": "../common/flags/be.png"
"value": "Bulgaria",
"src": "../common/flags/bg.png"
"value": "Cyprus",
"src": "../common/flags/cy.png"

Change log:

added in v6.4