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Optional. Specifies an array of data objects to set into the combobox

data?: object[];


Each object in the data set contains a number of key:value pairs that represent attributes of Combo options. The available attributes are:

  • id?: string | number - optional, the id of the data option
  • value?: string- optional, the text value of the option
  • src?: string- optional, the path to the image
  • icon?: string - optional, the CSS class of the displayed icon (for example, "dxi dxi-check")

It is not possible to use the src and icon attributes together.


const combo = new dhx.Combobox("combo_container",{
data: [
"value": "Austria",
"src": "../common/flags/at.png"
"value": "Belgium",
"src": "../common/flags/be.png"
"value": "Bulgaria",
"src": "../common/flags/bg.png"
"value": "Cyprus",
"src": "../common/flags/cy.png"

Change log:

added in v6.4