Form API

clear clears a form
destructor removes a form instance and releases occupied resources
disable disables a form on a page
enable enables a disabled form
forEach iterates over all controls of a from
getItem gives access to the object of Form control
getValue gets current values/states of controls
isDisabled checks whether a form is disabled
paint repaints Form on a page
send sends a form to the server
setValue sets values/states for controls
validate validates form fields
afterSend fires after a form is sent to the server
beforeSend fires before a form is sent to the server
buttonClick fires after a click on a button in a form
change fires on changing the value of a control
validationFail fires when validation of a form fails
align sets the alignment of controls inside a form
cols arranges controls inside of Form horizontally
css the name of a CSS class(es) applied to Form
disabled makes a form disabled
height sets the height of Form
padding sets padding for controls inside a form
rows arranges controls inside of Form vertically
title specifies the title of Form
width sets the width of Form
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