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returns an object with the available configuration properties of the control and their values

getProperties(): IBaseLayoutItem;


An object with the available properties of the control and their values.


 const form = new dhx.Form("form", {    css: "dhx_widget--bordered",    padding: "40px",    rows: [        {            type: "container",            name: "grid",            padding: "12px 0px",            height: "400px",        },    ]});
form.getItem("container").getProperties();//-> the returned object
{    "width": "content",    "height": "400px",    "padding": 0},

The returned object of the Container control can contain the following properties:

  • width - string, number, "content" - the width of a control
  • height - string, number, "content" - the height of a control
  • padding - string, number - sets padding between a cell and a border of a control

Change log:

added in v7.2