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allows changing available configuration attributes of the control dynamically

setProperties(propertyConfig: ISimpleVaultProps): void;


  • propertyConfig: object - an object with the available attributes of the control and their new values


labelWidth: "140px",
labelPosition: "top"

The method invokes the afterChangeProperties and beforeChangeProperties events.

It is possible to change values of the following configuration attributes of the SimpleVault control:

width(string|number|"content") the width of a control
height(string|number|"content") the height of a control
padding(string|number) sets padding between a cell and a border of the SimpleVault control
css(string) adds style classes to a control
required(boolean) defines whether a control is required
label(string) specifies a label for a control
labelWidth(string|number) sets the width of the label of a control
hiddenLabel(boolean) invisible label that will be used to identify the input on the server side
labelPosition(string) defines the position of a label: "left"|"top"
helpMessage(string) adds a help message to a control
preMessage(string) a message that contains instructions for interacting with the control
successMessage(string) a message that appears in case of successful validation of the control value
errorMessage(string) a message that appears in case of error during validation of the control value
fieldName(string) the name of the file field in the form data that is sent to the server
params(object) extra parameters for sending an XMLHttpRequest
singleRequest(boolean) defines whether files are sent in one request
target(string) mandatory, sets an URL to the server-side script that will process file upload

Change log:

added in v7.0