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allows changing available configuration attributes of the control dynamically

setProperties(properties: object): void;


  • properties: object - an object with the available attributes of the control and their new values


labelWidth: "140px",
labelPosition: "top"


The method invokes the afterChangeProperties and beforeChangeProperties events.

It is possible to change values of the following configuration attributes of the SimpleVault control:

css: string,
width: string | number | "content",
height: string | number | "content",
padding: string | number,
label: string,
labelWidth: string | number,
labelPosition: "left" | "top",
hiddenLabel: boolean,
helpMessage: string,
required: boolean,
preMessage: string,
successMessage: string,
errorMessage: string,
params: { [key: string]: any },
headerParams: { [key: string]: any },
target: string,
fieldName: string,
singleRequest: boolean,
updateFromResponse: boolean,
autosend: boolean,
accept: string,
validation: (value: ISimpleVaultValue) => boolean

You will find the description of these properties here.

Change log:

added in v7.0