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allows changing available configuration attributes of the control dynamically

setProperties(propertyConfig: ITimePickerProps): void;


  • propertyConfig: object - an object with the available attributes of the control and their new values


editable: true,
label: "New time",
timeFormat: 24,

The method invokes the afterChangeProperties and beforeChangeProperties events.

It is possible to change values of the following configuration attributes of the TimePicker control:

valueFormat(string) defines the format of the value to be applied when working with the events of the timepicker control: "string", "timeObject"
validation(function) the validation function
icon(string) the name of an icon from the used icon font
placeholder(string) a tip for the input
editable(boolean) allows a user to enter the value of the control manually
width(string|number|"content") the width of a control
height(string|number|"content") the height of a control
padding(string|number) sets padding between a cell and a border of the TimePicker control
css(string) adds style classes to a control
label(string) specifies a label for a control
labelWidth(string|number) sets the width of the label of a control
hiddenLabel(boolean) invisible label that will be used to identify the input on the server side
labelPosition(string) defines the position of a label: "left"|"top"
required(boolean) defines whether a control is required
helpMessage(string) adds a help message to a control
preMessage(string) a message that contains instructions for interacting with the control
successMessage(string) a message that appears in case of successful validation of the control value
errorMessage(string) a message that appears in case of error during validation of the control value
timeFormat(number) defines what clock format is activated: the 12-hour or 24-hour one
controls(boolean) defines whether a timepicker is equipped with the Close and Save buttons

Change log:

added in v7.0