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sets values/states for controls

setValue(obj: object): void;


  • obj: object - an object with new values/states of controls


form.setValue({"input_name":"Jack London", "slider_id":10});

Related sample: Form. Set value

The object should contain a set of key:value pairs where key is either the name of the control or the control's id (if the name attribute is not defined in the config of the control) and value is a new value/state of the control.


If both the name and id of the control are specified in the config of Control, then you need to set the name of the control as key.

Depending on the type of a control, the method may take different types of parameters:

  • Button, ColorPicker, DatePicker, Input, Select, Textarea, Text, TimePicker - setValue(value: string): void;
  • Checkbox, RadioButton - setValue(value: boolean): void;
  • Combo - setValue(value: string | string[]): void;
  • Slider - setValue(value: string | number | number[]): void;

Change log:

added in v6.1