The guidance information makes up the major part of the documentation and helps you in actual use of dhtmlxGantt. The chapter is divided into task-oriented manuals that assist you in performing both simple and difficult, often and seldom used tasks. The articles come around key procedures and problem-solving activities.

Check the features available in the Standard and PRO versions of the dhtmlxGantt library.

How to Start with dhtmlxGantt

Says how to build a standard dhtmlxGantt chart on different server-side platforms and perform common tasks: create database connection, load with data, save changes, store the order of tasks, provide app security, etc.

Creating Gantt Chart on a Page

Says how to create Gantt on the server, build a standard Gantt chart on a page and bring it to life: configure with specific settings, customize the default templates, attach events, etc.

Loading and Storing Data

Discusses the ways of loading data into the Gantt chart: different data sources, formats, techniques.

Configuring Grid Area

Focuses on how to work with the grid: specify the required columns and configure them, customize the tree column, enable selection etc.
Focuses on how to work with the timeline: set the format, unit, step of the main time scale, add second scales and configure them, highlight specific dates etc.

Configuring Lightbox (Edit Form)

Focuses on how to work with the lightbox: add/delete controls, get/set controls' values, customize lightbox's appearance, etc.

Configuring Tasks

Covers the basics of performing general operations over task objects, such as adding, deleting, setting the date format, filtering, etc.

Configuring Dependency Links

Covers the basics of performing general operations over dependency objects, such as adding, deleting, getting the dependency object etc.

Exporting and Importing Data

Discusses the ways of exporting and importing Gantt data in various formats, and serializing data into XML and JSON.


Describes the formats and techniques you can use to style the Gantt chart.

Working with Dates

Discusses the topics you may need while working with dates in the Gantt chart: converting dates to string and backward, allowable characters in the date format, etc.

Common Features

Guides you through common information you may need while creating a Gantt chart.


Provides practical answers on the the most frequently asked questions about the Gantt chart configuration

User Interface Guide

Describes the elements of the Gantt Chart interface from the point of view of the end-user.
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