Integration with JQuery

If you are using JQuery library, you can render the Gantt chart on a page using a usual syntax.

A standard Gantt chart with JQuery can be initialized as in:

A Gantt chart initialized with JQuery

<div class="mygantt" id='gantt1' style='width:100%; height:30%;'></div>

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  • ".mygantt" - a jQuery compatible CSS selector of the container, in which the Gantt chart will be created
  • dhx_gantt() method instantiates dhtmlxGantt. As a parameter the method takes a configuration object:
    • data - (object) a data set that will be loaded to the Gantt chart
    • scale_unit, step, date_scale and any other configuration parameters ( normally set through gantt.config.{option} ) are set in such a way

A Gantt chart, initialized through jQuery call, uses the same configuration and API that the standard (initialized through JavaScript) Gantt chart does

Related sample:  jQuery integration

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