defines configuration settings of the time scale

array scales;


gantt.config.scales = [
    {unit: "month", step: 1, format: "%F, %Y"},
    {unit: "week", step: 1, format: function (date) {
        return "Week #" +;
    {unit: "day", step: 1, format: "%D", css: function(date) {
    if(!gantt.isWorkTime({ date: date, unit: "day"})){
            return "weekend"


Each object in the array specifies a single scale. An object can take the following attributes:

  • unit - (string) the name of the scale unit. The available values are: "minute", "hour", "day" (default), "week", "quarter", "month", "year". There is also a possiblity to set a custom unit. Read more on the topic here.
  • step - (number) the step of the time scale (X-Axis), 1 by default.
  • format - (string|function) the format of the scale's labels. If set as a function, expects a date object as a parameter.
  • css - (function) a function that returns the name of a CSS class that will be applied to the scale units. Takes a date object as a parameter.
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