enables rendering of highlighted cells in the static_background mode

boolean static_background_cells;


gantt.config.static_background_cells = false;

Default value:


This functionality is available in the PRO edition only.

This config is used in conjunction with the static_background config. When both static background and static_background_cells are enabled, gantt.config.static_background_cells = true(default), gantt will render both PNG grid and highlighted cells (ones that have CSS class assigned to them from timeline_cell_class template)

gantt.config.static_background = true;
gantt.config.static_background_cells = true;// enabled by default

If static_background is enabled and static_background_cells is disabled, gantt will render only PNG grid, as it worked in versions before 6.2.

gantt.config.static_background = true;
gantt.config.static_background_cells = false;

If static_background is disabled, static_background_cells has no effect at all.

gantt.config.static_background = false;

This config can be used to revert static_background to v6.1.

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added in v6.2 for compatibility with v6.1

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