sets the date format that is used to parse data from a data set and to send dates back to the server

string date_format;


gantt.config.date_format = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%i";

Default value:

"%d-%m-%Y %H:%i"

This config value is used to generate parse_date and format_date template functions. If you want to use a custom format, you can either change this config, or redefine parse_date and format_date templates directly.

Loading dates in ISO format

You can use ISO date format in Gantt. For this, you need to redefine functions that parse and serialize dates in Gantt:

gantt.templates.parse_date = function(date) { 
    return new Date(date);
gantt.templates.format_date = function(date) { 
    return date.toISOString();

Changing the date format dynamically

If you need to change the date format dynamically, it is necessary to modify the parse_date template in the following way:

var cfg = gantt.config;
var strToDate =, cfg.server_utc);
gantt.templates.parse_date = function(date){
    return strToDate (date);
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