converts a date object to a date string. Used to send data back to the server

dateDatethe date which needs formatting


var dateToStr ="%Y-%m-%d %H:%i");
gantt.templates.format_date = function(date){
    return dateToStr (date);


Check Date Format Specification.

Loading dates in ISO format

You can use ISO date format in Gantt. For this, you need to redefine functions that parse and serialize dates in Gantt:

gantt.templates.parse_date = function(date) { 
    return new Date(date);
gantt.templates.format_date = function(date) { 
    return date.toISOString();

Changing the date format dynamically

If you need to change the date format dynamically, it is necessary to modify the parse_date template in the following way:

var cfg = gantt.config;
var strToDate =, cfg.server_utc);
gantt.templates.parse_date = function(date){
    return strToDate (date);
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