specifies the height of the line that defines the available capacity of the resource

start_dateDatestart date of the scale cell
end_dateDateend date of the scale cell
resourceobjectthe resource object
tasksArray <Task>tasks that are assigned to the specified resource and overlap start/end dates of the cell
assignmentsarrayresource assignments that are assigned to the specified start/end dates of the task

Available only in PRO Edition


    return 24;

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This functionality is available in the PRO edition only.

The "assignments" argument is only available when the process_resource_assignments config is enabled.

The value of the template can be set from -1 to maxCapacity. Values less than 0 won't render the line.

maxCapacity definition

If each row of the histogram is considered as a bar chart, maxCapacity is the height of the Y-scale of this chart. In the image below maxCapacity = 24:


By default, maxCapacity is 24 for all resources. It means that if you return the value bigger than 24 in the histogram_cell_capacity template, the numbers will be calculated correctly, but the area of the cells of the resource panel may not be filled as you expected.


But there is the ability to configure maxCapacity for all histogram at once and for each resource separately. Check the example below:

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the assignments parameter is added in v7.1

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