defines the height of the filled area in the resourceHistogram

start_dateDatestart date of the scale cell
end_dateDateend date of the scale cell
resourceobjectthe resource object
tasksArray <Task>tasks that are assigned to the specified resource and overlap start/end dates of the cell
assignmentsarrayresource assignments that are assigned to the specified start/end dates of the task

Available only in PRO Edition


    return tasks.length * 8;

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This functionality is available in the PRO edition only.

The "assignments" argument is only available when the process_resource_assignments config is enabled.

The value of the template can be set from 0 to maxCapacity.

maxCapacity definition

If each row of the histogram is considered as a bar chart, maxCapacity is the height of the Y-scale of this chart. In the image below maxCapacity = 24:

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Change log

the assignments parameter is added in v7.1

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