auto_scheduling enables auto scheduling
auto_scheduling_compatibility disables usage of time contraints for tasks
auto_scheduling_descendant_links allows or forbids creating links from parent tasks (projects) to their children
auto_scheduling_initial defines whether gantt will do autoscheduling on data loading/parsing
auto_scheduling_move_projects defines whether the whole project will be moved (see the details below)
auto_scheduling_project_constraint defines whether tasks should inherit the constraint type from their parent project
auto_scheduling_strict enables the auto scheduling mode, in which tasks will always be rescheduled to the earliest possible date
auto_scheduling_use_progress sets the way the scheduling algorithms process completed tasks
auto_types automatically converts tasks with subtasks to projects and projects without subtasks back to tasks
autofit enables automatic adjusting of the grid's columns to the grid's width
autoscroll enables autoscrolling while dragging a task or link out of the current browser screen
autoscroll_speed defines the speed of autoscrolling (in ms) while dragging a task or link out of the current browser screen
autosize forces the Gantt chart to automatically change its size to show all tasks without scrolling
autosize_min_width sets the minimum width (in pixels) that the Gantt chart can take in the horizontal 'autosize' mode
bar_height sets the height of task bars in the timeline area
branch_loading enables dynamic loading in the Gantt chart
branch_loading_property specifies that the task has children that are not yet loaded from the backend
buttons_left stores a collection of buttons resided in the left bottom corner of the lightbox
buttons_right stores a collection of buttons resided in the right bottom corner of the lightbox
calendar_property changes the name of the property that affects binding of a calendar to a task/group of tasks
cascade_delete enables cascade deleting of nested tasks and links
click_drag enables advanced drag-n-drop
columns configures the columns of the table
constraint_types contains all available constraint types
container_resize_method defines whether the gantt should track resizing of the container at time intervals
container_resize_timeout specifies the delay (in milliseconds) before redrawing the gantt when resizing the container
correct_work_time enables adjusting the task's start and end dates to the work time (while dragging)
csp defines internal implementation of the code of date formatting methods
date_format sets the date format that is used to parse data from a data set and to send dates back to the server
date_grid sets the format of dates in the "Start time" column of the table
date_scale sets the format of the time scale (X-Axis)
deepcopy_on_parse defines whether gantt will perform a deep copy of data objects passed into the gantt.parse() method
details_on_create 'says' to open the lightbox while creating new events by clicking the '+' button
details_on_dblclick 'says' to open the lightbox after double clicking on a task
drag_lightbox enables the possibility to drag the lightbox by the header
drag_links enables creating dependency links by drag-and-drop
drag_mode stores the types of available drag-and-drop modes
drag_move enables the possibility to move tasks by drag-and-drop
drag_multiple enables the possibility to drag several selected tasks at once
drag_progress enables the possibility to change the task progress by dragging the progress knob
drag_project enables drag and drop of items of the project type
drag_resize enables the possibility to resize tasks by drag-and-drop
drag_timeline configures the behavior of the drag_timeline extension
duration_step sets the number of 'gantt.config.duration_unit' units that will correspond to one unit of the 'duration' data property.
duration_unit sets the duration unit
dynamic_resource_calendars enables automatic merging of multiple resource calendars into one
editable_property changes the name of a property that affects the editing ability of tasks/links in the read-only Gantt chart
editor_types an object that contains definitions of inline editors
end_date sets the end value of the time scale
external_render renders an external component into the DOM
fit_tasks 'says' the Gantt chart to automatically extend the time scale in order to fit all displayed tasks
grid_elastic_columns adjusts the width of columns inside a scrollable grid
grid_resize makes the grid resizable by dragging the right grid's border
grid_resizer_attribute sets the name of the attribute of the grid resizer's DOM element
grid_resizer_column_attribute sets the name of the attribute of the column resizer's DOM element. The attribute presents the column's index
grid_width sets the width of the grid
highlight_critical_path shows the critical path in the chart
horizontal_scroll_key enables/disables horizontal scroll by the Shift|Alt|Meta key + mouse wheel movement
inherit_calendar defines whether tasks should inherit work calendars from their summary parents
inherit_scale_class specifies whether sub-scales shall use the scale_cell_class template by default
initial_scroll sets whether the timeline area will be initially scrolled to display the earliest task
inline_editors_date_processing keeps the duration of a task unchanged during editing of the start/end of a task
inline_editors_multiselect_open defines whether inline editor should be opened after one click on a task when multi-task selection is enabled
keep_grid_width 'says' to preserve the initial grid's width while resizing columns within
keyboard_navigation enables keyboard navigation in gantt
keyboard_navigation_cells enables keyboard navigation by cells
layer_attribute sets the name of the attribute of the task layer's DOM element
layout specifies the layout object
lightbox specifies the lightbox object
lightbox_additional_height increases the height of the lightbox
link_arrow_size sets the size of the link arrow
link_attribute sets the name of the attribute that will specify the id of the link's HTML element
link_line_width sets the width of dependency links in the timeline area
link_wrapper_width sets the width of the area (over the link) sensitive to clicks
links stores the types of links dependencies
min_column_width sets the minimum width for a column in the timeline area
min_duration sets the minimum duration (in milliseconds) that can be set for a task during resizing.
min_grid_column_width sets the minimal width for each grid column (in pixels) while resizing grid
min_task_grid_row_height sets the minimal row height that can be set for a task during resizing
multiselect enables/disables multi-task selection in the Gantt chart
multiselect_one_level specifies whether multi-task selection will be available within one or any level
open_split_tasks enables the possibility to expand/collapse split tasks by clicking the +/- button
open_tree_initially openes all branches initially
order_branch activates the 'branch' mode that allows vertically reordering tasks within the same tree level
order_branch_free activates the 'branch' mode that allows reordering tasks within the whole gantt
placeholder_task adds an empty row into the end of the list of tasks to simplify tasks editing via keyboard
preserve_scroll preserves the current position of the vertical and horizontal scrolls while re-drawing the gantt chart
prevent_default_scroll specifies whether the gantt container should block the mousewheel event, or should it be propagated up to the window element
process_resource_assignments enables/disables parsing of the resource assignments
project_end specifies the end date of a project
project_start specifies the start date of a project
quick_info_detached defines whether the task form will appear from the left/right side of the screen or near the selected task
quickinfo_buttons stores a collection of buttons resided in the pop-up task's details form
readonly activates the read-only mode for the Gantt chart
readonly_property changes the name of a property that affects the read-only behaviour of tasks/links
redo enables the Redo functionality for the gantt
reorder_grid_columns enables the possibility to reorder grid columns by drag and drop
resize_rows enables the ability to adjust the row height by drag-and-drop
resource_assignment_store specifies the name of the dataStore which stores resource assignments
resource_attribute changes the name of the attribute that Gantt uses to find which resource the task row in the resource grid/timeline is referring to
resource_calendars defines a set of working calendars that can be assigned to a specific resource, e.g. a user
resource_property defines the property of a task object that stores a resource id associated with resourceGrid/Timeline/Histogram/Calendar
resource_render_empty_cells tells the resource timeline to render elements and call templates for non-allocated cells
resource_store specifies the name of the dataStore connected to the resourceGrid/resourceTimeline/resourceHistogram views
resources defines an extra configuration for the resource store
root_id sets the id of the virtual root element
round_dnd_dates enables rounding the task's start and end dates to the nearest scale marks
row_height sets the default height for rows of the table
rtl switches gantt to the right-to-left mode
scale_height sets the height of the time scale and the header of the grid
scale_offset_minimal sets the minimal scale unit (in case multiple scales are used) as the interval of the leading/closing empty space
scale_unit sets the unit of the time scale (X-Axis)
scales defines configuration settings of the time scale
schedule_from_end enables backward scheduling
scroll_on_click specifies whether the timeline area shall be scrolled while selecting to display the selected task
scroll_size set the sizes of the vertical (width) and horizontal (height) scrolls
select_task enables selection of tasks in the Gantt chart
server_utc enables converting server-side dates from UTC to a local time zone (and backward) while sending data to the server
show_chart shows the chart (timeline) area of the Gantt chart
show_empty_state defines whether to display the placeholder element inside the grid when it is empty
show_errors enables showing error alerts in case of unexpected behavior
show_grid shows the grid area of the Gantt chart
show_links enables/disables displaying links in the Gantt chart
show_markers shows/hides markers on the page
show_progress enables displaying of the progress inside the task bars
show_quick_info activates/disables the 'quick_info' extension (pop-up task's details form)
show_task_cells enables/disables displaying column borders in the chart area
show_tasks_outside_timescale enables showing tasks that are outside the specified date range in the Gantt chart
show_unscheduled enables showing unscheduled tasks
skip_off_time hides non-working time from the time scale
smart_rendering enables the smart rendering mode for gantt's tasks and links rendering
smart_scales specifies that only visible part of the time scale is rendered on the screen
sort enables sorting in the table
start_date sets the start value of the time scale
start_on_monday sets the starting day of the week
static_background generates a background image for the timeline area instead of rendering actual columns' and rows' lines
static_background_cells enables rendering of highlighted cells in the static_background mode
step sets the step of the time scale (X-Axis)
subscales specifies the second time scale(s) (deprecated)
task_attribute sets the name of the attribute that will specify the id of the task's HTML element
task_date sets the format of the date label in the 'Time period' section of the lightbox
task_grid_row_resizer_attribute sets the name of the attribute of the resizer's DOM element of the grid row. The attribute presents the row's index
task_height sets the height of task bars in the timeline area
task_scroll_offset sets the offset (in pixels) of the nearest task from the left border in the timeline
time_picker sets the format of the time drop-down selector in the lightbox
time_step sets the minimum step (in minutes) for the task's time values
timeline_placeholder shows the background grid in the empty timeline
tooltip_hide_timeout sets the length of time, in milliseconds, before the tooltip hides
tooltip_offset_x sets the right (if positive) offset of the tooltip's position
tooltip_offset_y sets the top (if positive) offset of the tooltip's position
tooltip_timeout sets the timeout in milliseconds before the tooltip is displayed for a task
touch enables/disables the touch support for the Gantt chart
touch_drag defines the time period in milliseconds that is used to differ the long touch gesture from the scroll gesture
touch_feedback returns vibration feedback before/after drag and drop on touch devices
touch_feedback_duration defines the duration of vibration feedback before/after drag and drop on touch devices (in milliseconds)
type_renderers redefines functions responsible for displaying different types of tasks
types stores the names of lightbox's structures (used for different types of tasks)
undo enables the Undo functionality for the gantt
undo_actions sets the actions that the Undo operation will revert
undo_steps sets the number of steps that should be reverted by the undo method
undo_types sets the types of entities for which the Undo operation will be applied
wai_aria_attributes enables WAI-ARIA support to make the component recognizable for screen readers
wheel_scroll_sensitivity specifies the speed of scrolling the gantt by the mouse wheel
wide_form sets both the section and its label on the same line
work_time enables calculating the duration of tasks in working time instead of calendar time
xml_date defines date formats that are used to parse data from a data set and to send data to a server
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