stores the names of lightbox's structures (used for different types of tasks)

object types;

Available only in PRO Edition


var type1 = gantt.config.types.task;

Default value:

types : {task:'task',project:'project',milestone:'milestone', placeholder: "placeholder"}

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This functionality is available in the PRO edition only.

The 'types' object consists of the "type programmatic name": "type identifier" pairs:

  • The type programmatic name doesn't affect anything. The only purpose of it is to make the work with types more readable.
  • The type identifier is stored in the database. It must be unique within the types' object. If required, the type identifier can be changed to any desirable value:

The expected types are:

  • task - (string | number) - the name of the task type.
  • project - (string | number) - the name of the project type.
  • milestone - (string | number) - the name of the milestone type.
  • placeholder - (string | number) - the name of the placeholder type.
  • [typeName: string] - (string | number | undefined) - name of the custom type.

Gantt will use the lightbox depending on the task type:

types: {
    'task':'task',            // a lightbox for reqular tasks
    'project':'project',      // a lightbox for project tasks
    'milestone':'milestone'   // a lightbox for milestones
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