renders an external component into the DOM

object external_render;


import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import React from 'react';
gantt.config.columns = [
    {name:"text",       label:"Task name",  tree:true, width:"*"},
    {name:"start_date", label:"Start time", align: "center"},
    {name:"duration",   label:"Duration",   align: "center"},
        name:"external", label:"Element 1", align: "center",
        onrender: (item, node) => {
            return <DemoButton
                    text="Edit 1"
                    onClick={() => alert("Element as React Component")}
gantt.config.external_render = { 
    // checks the element is a React element
    isElement: (element) => {
        return React.isValidElement(element);
    // renders the React element into the DOM
    renderElement: (element, container) => {
        ReactDOM.render(element, container);


The external_render is an object with the following properties:

  • isElement (element): boolean - a function that is used to validate the provided element. Uses the following argument:
    • element - (any) - an object that is returned by the **onrender* function.
  • renderElement (element, container): void - a function used to apply the native methods to render native components. Uses the following arguments:
    • element - (any) - an object that is returned by the **onrender* function.
    • container - (HTMLElement) - a DOM element the native component will be attached to.
Change log

added in v7.1

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