defines whether the whole project will be moved (see the details below)

boolean auto_scheduling_move_projects;

Available only in PRO Edition


gantt.config.auto_scheduling_move_projects = true;

Default value:


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This functionality is available in the PRO edition only.

This config is defined in the auto_scheduling extension, so you need to activate the auto_scheduling plugin. Read the details in the Auto Scheduling article.

added in version 4.1

By default (when the property is set to true), the whole project is moved during auto scheduling. It means that all tasks in the project remain on their places relative to each other and the beginning of the project.

If the auto_scheduling_move_projects is set to false, auto scheduling will move separate tasks inside of the project. Thus, some tasks will be moved, others will remain on their places.

Note, if you use constraint scheduling (gantt.config.auto_scheduling_compatibility = true), this config will be active only when the strict mode is disabled:

gantt.config.auto_scheduling_compatibility = true;
gantt.config.auto_scheduling_strict = false;
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