Full List of Extensions

dhtmlxGantt includes a set of extensions which add extra functionality to the standard behavior.

To use an extension, you should include the extension code file on the page. Code files of extensions reside in the ext folder of the gantt codebase.

Advanced drag-n-drop

Provides the possibility to create and select tasks with drag-n-drop.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_click_drag.js"></script>

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API: click_drag

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Auto scheduling

This extension is available in PRO version only

Allows you to schedule tasks automatically depending on relations between them.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_auto_scheduling.js"></script>

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API: auto_scheduling

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Content security policy

Allows working with dhtmlxGantt in case Content Security Policy (CSP) is enabled in the application.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_csp.js"></script>

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Critical path

This extension is available in PRO version only

Presents a sequence of tasks that can't be delayed without affecting the whole project's deadline. The critical path also determines the shortest time the project can take.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_critical_path.js"></script>

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API: highlight_critical_path

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Drag Timeline

Allows scrolling timeline views by mouse-drag.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_drag_timeline.js"></script>

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API: drag_timeline

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Extra overlay

Provides the possibility to add an extra layer over the Gantt Chart for placing some custom content into it.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_overlay.js"></script>

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Full screen

Displays Gantt in the full screen mode.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_fullscreen.js"></script>

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This extension is available in PRO version only

Allows you to group tasks by any of task attributes.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_grouping.js"></script>

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API: groupBy

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Keyboard navigation

Allows navigating the gantt chart with the help of the keyboard.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_keyboard_navigation.js"></script>

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API: keyboard_navigation,keyboard_navigation_cells

Multitask selection

Allows selecting multiple tasks in Gantt chart at once.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_multiselect.js"></script>

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API: multiselect

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Quick info

Provides a popup with a task details.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_quick_info.js"></script>

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Gives the possibility to add extra information for users without overflowing the screen with the text.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_tooltip.js"></script>

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Allows you to undo/redo the made changes.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_undo.js"></script>

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Article: Undo/Redo Functionality
API: undo, redo

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Vertical marker

Highlights certain dates or date ranges.

<script src="../codebase/ext/dhtmlxgantt_marker.js"></script>

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Article: Adding Vertical Markers
API: addMarker,show_markers

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