contains all available constraint types

object constraint_types;

Available only in PRO Edition

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This functionality is available in the PRO edition only.

The object definition:

gantt.config.constraint_types = {
 // As Soon As Possible
 ASAP: "asap",
 // As Late As Possible
 ALAP: "alap",
 // Start No Earlier Than
 SNET: "snet",
 // Start No Later Than
 SNLT: "snlt",
 // Finish No Earlier Than
 FNET: "fnet",
 // Finish No Later Than
 FNLT: "fnlt",
 // Must Start On
 MSO: "mso",
 // Must Finish On
 MFO: "mfo"

It is added in order to avoid hardcoding constraint values in code:

gantt.addTaskLayer(function draw_deadline(task) {
    var constraintType = gantt.getConstraintType(task);
    var types = gantt.config.constraint_types;
    if (constraintType != types.ASAP && 
        constraintType != types.ALAP && task.constraint_date) {
        // display something
    return false;
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