sets the way the scheduling algorithms process completed tasks

boolean auto_scheduling_use_progress;

Available only in PRO Edition


gantt.config.auto_scheduling_use_progress = true;

Default value:


This functionality is available in the PRO edition only.

This config is defined either in the auto_scheduling or critical_path extension, so you need to activate either the auto_scheduling or critical_path plugin. Read the details in the Auto Scheduling and Critical Path articles.

When the property is enabled, the critical path, slack, and auto scheduling algorithms will take the value of the task progress into account, similar to how these methods work in MS Project, namely:

1) Completed tasks (completed tasks - the tasks with 100% progress) always have zero slack;

2) Completed tasks are excluded from the auto scheduling calculations. Relations that connect predecessors to completed tasks are ignored;

3) Completed tasks can't be critical.

Related sample:  Use progress for auto-scheduling, critical path and slack calculations

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added in v8.0

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