$click redefines the default click behavior for buttons of the Gantt chart
ajax gantt ajax module
calendar the interface of the working calendar object
config defines configuration options for dates, scale, controls
constants stores various constants to reduce the use of magic numbers in the code
datastore a set of datastore methods
date a set of date formatting methods
env a set of flags which describe current environment
ext an object that stores various extensions
i18n a set of methods for Gantt chart localization
ignore_time hides a time unit in the time scale
json specifies JSON serialization and parsing
keys defines the hot keys for the Gantt chart
license returns the license name of dhtmlxGantt
locale the current locale object (region-specific labels) of the Gantt chart
oldxml specifies serialization and parsing in the XML format of dhtmlxGantt 1.0
skin returns the current skin of the Gantt chart
skins returns objects of the available skins
templates defines formatting templates for dates, titles, tooltips in the Gantt chart
treeDatastore a set of treeDatastore methods
utils various helper modules
version returns the version of dhtmlxGantt
xml specifies XML serialization and parsing
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