Resizing Rows in Grid

There is the possibility to change the height of the separate rows in the grid.
The dhtmlxGantt library provides 2 ways to manage the row height:

  • By setting both the height of the row and the height of the task bar for the necessary task object;
  • By dragging the bottom border of the grid row.

The functionality is available in v7.1 and upper.

Setting the row height

You can adjust the height of a particular row according to your needs.

The individual row height is currently not compatible with static background rendering.

For that, you need to redefine the row_height and bar_height properties of the task object in the data set:

Specifying the type of a task in the data set

    data: [
        { id: 11, text: "Project #1", type: "project", progress: 0.6, open: true, 
            row_height: 70, bar_height: 60 },         { id: 12, text: "Task #1", start_date: "03-04-2018", duration: "5", 
            parent: "11", progress: 1, open: true },
        { id: 13, text: "Task #2", start_date: "03-04-2018", type: "project", 
            parent: "11", progress: 0.5, open: true }
    links: []

or you can implement it dynamically:

gantt.getTask(11).row_height = 50;
gantt.getTask(11).bar_height = 25;
// re-render Gantt to apply the changes

In case the row_height and bar_height attributes of the task object are not specified or empty (the default state), the values of gantt.config.row_height and gantt.config.bar_height will be used.

Resizing rows by drag and drop

To give a user the possibility to resize a row in the grid by dragging the bottom border of the row, set the gantt.config.resize_rows option to true:

gantt.config.resize_rows = true;

Related sample:  Resizable rows in grid

The gantt.config.min_task_grid_row_height option provides the ability to define the minimal row height that can be set for a task during resizing:

gantt.config.min_task_grid_row_height = 45;


There are 4 events that you can use to handle the behavior of resizing a row by drag-and-drop:

  • onBeforeRowResize - fires before the user starts to resize the row height by drag-and-drop
  • onRowResize - fires when the user is dragging the border of the row to resize the row height
  • onBeforeRowResizeEnd - fires before resizing of the row height is completed
  • onAfterRowResize - fires after resizing of the row height is finished
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