Video Guides

The article provides a short review of video guides prepared for you to make Gantt easier to understand.
By following these video tutorials, you can master such issues as configuring grid columns, customizing cells and headers of the grid, building a standard Gantt chart on different server-side platforms.

Specifying columns in Grid
The video tutorial demonstrates how to define the content of cells, how to set the data template and how to provide the ability to toggle between two Grid views.

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Drag-n-drop reordering of Grid columns
The video guide shows how to enable reordering of tasks within the same Tree level, how to speed up the performance for large dataset, etc.

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Filtering tasks in Grid
The video tutorial teaches how to implement filtering while searching a task in Gantt.

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Custom buttons, icons and dropdown menus
in Grid cells and headers

The video tutorial discusses how to add custom buttons for user actions in Grid cells and headers.
Visibility of Grid columns
The video guide shows how to add a horizontal scrollbar into Grid and how to allow a user to select which columns should be visible.

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Inline editing in Grid
The video tutorial demonstrates how to implement a capability to make any changes right through the grid.

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dhtmlxGantt with PHP: Laravel
The video tutorial describes how to add Gantt into a Laravel app.

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dhtmlxGantt with Node.js
The video guide walks you through the stages of implementing a Gantt chart on a Node.js platform.

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