Working with Lightbox Elements

Getting/setting the control value

To get/set the value of a lightbox control, use the getLightboxSection method as in:

//to get the value
var value = gantt.getLightboxSection('description').getValue();
//to set the value

Checking whether the lighbox is open

To check whether the lightbox is currently open or closed, use the lightbox property of the state object returned by the getState method.
If the lightbox is open - the method will return the id of the opened task, otherwise 'null' or 'undefined'

if (gantt.getState().lightbox){
    //the code for the opened lighbox
} else {
    //the code for the closed lighbox

Mapping data properties to the lightbox sections

To map a data property to a lightbox section, use the map_to attribute of the section object:

//assigns the "holders" section to a data property with the name "holder" 
gantt.config.lightbox.sections = [
    {name:"description",height:38, type:"textarea", map_to:"text", focus:true},
    {name:"holders",    height:22, type:"textarea", map_to:"holder"},                                                                          {name:"time",       height:72, type:"duration", map_to:"auto"}

Setting the default value for a lightbox's control

To set the default value for a lightbox's section, use the default_value property of the section's object.

For example, you have added a custom section to the lightbox - "Priority" - that displays the task priority. When the user creates a new event, the field will be just empty. To correct such behaviour and set by default, say, the low priority, specify the lightbox as in:

var opts = [
    { key:1, label: "High" },                                            
    { key:2, label: "Normal" },                                         
    { key:3, label: "Low" }                                            
gantt.config.lightbox.sections = [
    {name:"description", height:38, type:"textarea", map_to:"text", focus:true},
    {name:"priority",    height:22, type:"select",   map_to:"priority",        options:opts, default_value:3},                                                                          {name:"time",        height:72, type:"duration", map_to:"auto"}

The default_value property sets the default value for the lightbox's section, not for a new event, i.e. a new event gets the specified value only after the user opens the lightbox and saves the event.

To set the default value directly for new events, use the onTaskCreated event:

gantt.attachEvent("onTaskCreated", function(id, task){
    task.priority = "Low";
    return true;

Making a section hidden for some events

To make a section hidden for specific events, redefine its set_value method as in:

    var style = ev.some_property?"":"none";; // editor area; //section header
    gantt.resizeLightbox(); //correct size of lightbox

Setting section and its label on the same line

You can place sections of lightbox on the same line as their labels via setting the wide_form configuration option to true:

gantt.config.wide_form = true;  
gantt.locale.labels.section_priority = "Priority";
gantt.locale.labels.section_status = "Status";
gantt.config.lightbox.sections = [
    {name: "description", height: 38, map_to: "text", type: "textarea", focus: true},
    {name: "status", height:22, map_to: "status", type: "select", options: [         
        {key:1, label: "New"},                                                       
        {key:2, label: "Open"},                                                     
        {key:3, label: "Done"}                                                      
    {name: "priority", map_to: "priority", type: "radio", options: [
        {key: 1, label: "High"},
        {key: 2, label: "Normal"},
        {key: 3, label: "Low"},
    {name: "time", type: "duration", map_to: "auto"}

Related sample:  Aligning Lightbox

Button in the section header

It's possible to have a custom button in the section header. To add a button to the header of a section, make the following steps:

  • Specify the button property in the section object:
{name:"description", height:130, map_to:"text", type:"textarea", button:"help"}
  • Set the label for the button:
//'help' is the value of the 'button' property
gantt.locale.labels.button_help="Help label";
  • Specify the handler of button clicks:
gantt.form_blocks.textarea.button_click = function(index,button,shead,sbody){
    // any custom logic


  • index - (number) the section index. Zero-based numbering
  • button - (HTMLElement) the HTML element of a button
  • shead - (HTMLElement) the HTML element of the section header
  • sbody - (HTMLElement) the HTML element of the section body

You can define the image used for the button through the following CSS class:

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