The guidance information makes up the major part of the documentation and helps you in actual use of dhtmlxScheduler. The chapter is divided into task-oriented manuals that assist you in performing both simple and difficult, often and seldom used tasks. The articles come around key procedures and problem-solving activities.

–°heck the features available in the Standard and PRO versions of the dhtmlxScheduler library.

How to Start with dhtmlxScheduler

Says how to build a standard Scheduler on different server-side platforms and bring it to life: configure with specific settings, customize the default templates, attach events, etc.

Creating Scheduler on a Page

Shows how to create Scheduler and configure it, create multiple schedulers on a page, localize Scheduler, enable accesibility support, etc.

Loading and Storing Data

Discusses the ways of loading data into Scheduler: different data sources, formats, techniques, as well as explores the details of integration with the server side.

Configuring Views

Shows how to configure the views: change scale units, create a custom view, block specific dates.
Focuses on how to work with the lightbox: add/delete controls, get/set controls' values, customize lightbox's appearance, etc.

Managing Events in the Scheduler

Covers the basics of performing various operations over events' objects, such as adding, deleting, filtering. Shows how to provide support for recurring events, make Scheduler or its elements readonly, etc.

Customizing Events

Describes how to customize different aspects of events starting from the text template and ending with the box appearance.

Data Export/Import

Covers the formats and techniques you can use to import/export Scheduler's data.

Appearance and Styling

Presents the scheduler GUI elements and the means of styling them.

Working with Dates

Discusses the topics you may need while working with dates in the Scheduler: converting dates to strings and backward, allowable characters in the date format, etc.


Describes available solutions for integrating Scheduler with third-party frameworks.

Special Extensions and Editions

Guides you through various extensions provided by the library to extend the existing functionality.

User Interface Guide

Describes the elements of Scheduler interface from the point of view of the end-user.
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