jQuery Integration

Starting from version 4.0 dhtmlxScheduler can be integrated with jQuery.

A standard scheduler used jQuery can be initialized as follows:

        date:new Date(2019,4,25),


  • ".myscheduler" - a jQuery compatible CSS selector of the container, in which scheduler will be created ( in case of the PRO version you can init scheduler in multiple containers at once )
  • dhx_scheduler() method initializes an instance of dhtmlxScheduler. As a parameter the method takes a configuration object:
    • date - (Date) the initial date of the scheduler (by default, the current date)
    • mode - (string) the name of the initial view (by default, "week")
    • any other configuration parameters ( normally set through scheduler.config.xxxxx ) can be set in such a way

A scheduler, initialized through jQuery call, can use the same configuration and API that the standard scheduler uses

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