Integration with dhtmlxLayout

A good way to place multiple schedulers on the page is using dhtmlxLayout. It not only provides a beautiful frame, but also ensures correct interacting with other elements on the page and acting according to the page size changes.

Note that dhtmlxLayout is not a part of the dhtmlxScheduler library. There are two versions of Layout you can choose from, depending on the version of the dhtmlxSuite library.

dhtmlxSuite v5+

In this version dhtmlxLayout can be used as a separate product or as a part of the dhtmlxSuite library. To use dhtmlxLayout v5.X in your application, you should purchase the license.

To attach a dhtmlxScheduler instance to a layout cell, use the attachScheduler() method.

Note, attaching scheduler to a cell automatically initializes it. So, configure scheduler before placing it into the layout.

function init() {
    var dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body, "2U");
    sched1 = Scheduler.getSchedulerInstance();
    sched1.config.multi_day = true;
    dhxLayout.cells("a").attachScheduler(new Date(2019,05,30),"week",null,sched1);
    sched2 = Scheduler.getSchedulerInstance();
    dhxLayout.cells("b").attachScheduler(new Date(2019,05,30),"month",null,sched2);

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dhtmlxSuite v6+

Starting from dhtmlxSuite 6.0, dhtmlxLayout can't be obtained separately from the whole Suite library. If you're going to use this approach, you should purchase the license of the Suite 6.X library.

dhtmlxScheduler of version 5.3 and newer implements a common View interface used in dhtmlxSuite v6+ and can be attached to any cell directly:

// create and configure the scheduler instance
scheduler.config.header = [
scheduler.config.multi_day = true;
// after the scheduler is attached, onSchedulerReady will be fired
scheduler.attachEvent("onSchedulerReady", function () {
        // here you can set the initial view and date and load the data
        scheduler.setCurrentView(new Date(2017,5,3), "week");
const layout = new dhx.Layout("layout", {
    rows: [{
        id: "scheduler-cell",
        header: "Appointment Scheduler",

Pay attention

  • Note, that dhtmlxSuite Layout is asynchronous, the scheduler won't be initialized right after the .attach call.
  • You'll need to capture "onSchedulerReady" for any post-initialization settings.
  • Currently there is no way to specify scheduler markup when it's used together with dhtmlxSuite v6+, which means you'll need to use the header config to specify controls of the navigation panel.
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