active_link_view 'says' to present the numbers of days in the Month view as clickable links that open the related day in the specified view
agenda_end sets the date to display events until
agenda_start sets the date to start displaying events from
ajax_error specifies how to display the default error notification in case the XML data loading failed
all_timed 'says' to show multi-day events in the regular way (as one-day events are displayed)
api_date defines the date format for the api_date template
auto_end_date enables automatic changing of the end event date after changing the start date
buttons_left stores a collection of buttons resided in the left bottom corner of the lightbox
buttons_right stores a collection of buttons resided in the right bottom corner of the lightbox
cascade_event_count sets the maximum number of events in a cascade
cascade_event_display sets the 'cascade' display mode
cascade_event_margin sets the left margin for a cascade of events
check_limits activates/disables checking of limits
collision_limit sets the maximum allowable number of events per time slot
container_autoresize forces the scheduler container to automatically change its size to show the whole content without scrolling
csp defines internal implementation of the code of date formatting methods
date_format sets the date format that is used to parse data from a data set and to send dates back to the server
day_column_padding adds padding to a view column
day_date sets the date format for the X-Axis of the Week and Units views
dblclick_create enables the possibility to create events by double click
default_date sets the date format used by the templates 'day_date', 'week_date', 'day_scale_date' for setting date in the views' headers
delay_render sets a timeout (in milliseconds) that wraps the updateView and setCurrentView calls (that cause re-drawing of the scheduler)
details_on_create 'says' to use the extended form while creating new events by drag or double click
details_on_dblclick 'says' to open the lightbox after double clicking on an event
display_marked_timespans defines whether the marked(blocked) time spans should be highlighted in the scheduler
displayed_event_color sets the default background color for the events retrieved by the showEvent() method
displayed_event_text_color sets the default font color for the events retrieved by the showEvent() method
drag_create enables the possibility to create new events by drag-and-drop
drag_event_body allows dragging scheduler events by any part of the body
drag_highlight highlights the event's duration on the time scale when you drags an event over the scheduler
drag_in restrict dragging events to the calling scheduler from any other scheduler(s)
drag_lightbox enables the possibility to drag the lightbox by the header
drag_move enables the possibility to move events by drag-and-drop
drag_out restrict dragging events from the calling scheduler to any other scheduler(s)
drag_resize enables the possibility to resize events by drag-and-drop
edit_on_create 'says' to open the lightbox while creating new events
event_attribute sets the name of the attribute that will specify the id of the event's HTML element
event_duration sets the initial duration of events in minutes
first_hour sets the minimum value for the hour scale (Y-Axis)
fix_tab_position moves views' tabs from the left to the right side
full_day enables setting of the event's duration to the full day
header provides a layout-like configuration for the scheduler header (navigation panel)
highlight_displayed_event specifies whether events retrieved by the showEvent method should be highlighted while displaying
hour_date sets the time format of Y-Axis. Also used in the default event and lighbox templates for setting the time part.
hour_size_px sets the height of an hour unit in pixels
icons_edit stores a collection of icons visible in the side edit menu of the event's box
icons_select stores a collection of icons visible in the side selection menu of the event's box
include_end_by defines whether the date specified in the 'End by' field should be exclusive or inclusive
key_nav enables the keyboard navigation in the scheduler
key_nav_step defines the minimal step (in minutes) for navigating events
last_hour sets the maximum value of the hour scale (Y-Axis)
left_border adds the dotted left border to the scheduler
lightbox specifies the lightbox object
lightbox_recurring defines the lightbox's behavior, when the user opens the lightbox to edit a recurring event
limit_drag_out denies to drag events out of the visible area of the scheduler
limit_end sets the end limit of the allowable date range
limit_start sets the start limit of the allowable date range
limit_time_select sets max and min values of time selector in the lightbox to the values of the 'last_hour' and 'first_hour' options
limit_view limits the date period during which the user can view the events
load_date sets the format of server request parameters 'from', 'to' in case of dynamic loading
map_end sets the date to display events until
map_error_position sets the position that will be displayed on the map in case the event's location can't be identified
map_infowindow_max_width the maximum width of the Google Maps's popup marker in the Map view
map_initial_position sets the initial position of the map
map_initial_zoom sets the initial zoom of Google Maps in the Map view
map_resolve_event_location activates attempts to resolve the event's location, if the database doesn't have the event's coordinates stored
map_resolve_user_location enables/disables prompts asking the user to share his location for displaying on the map
map_start sets the date to start displaying events from
map_type sets the type of Google Maps
map_zoom_after_resolve sets the zoom that will be used to show the user's location, if the user agrees to the browser's offer to show it
mark_now enables/disables the marker displaying the current time
max_month_events sets the maximum number of events displayable in a cell
min_grid_size defines the minimal possible size of the Grid view during autoresize
min_map_size defines the minimal possible size of the Map view during autoresize
minicalendar specifies the mini calendar object
month_date sets the format for the header of the Month view
month_day sets the format for the day in the cells of the Month and Year views
month_day_min_height sets the minimum height of cells in the Month view
multi_day enables rendering of multi-day events
multi_day_height_limit sets the height of the area that displays multi-day events
multisection enables the possibility to render the same events in several sections of the Timeline or Units view
multisection_shift_all specifies whether while dragging events that assigned to several sections of the Timeline or Units view, all instances should be dragged at once ('true') or just the selected one ('false')
now_date sets the date for the current-time marker in the Limit extension (enabled by the configuration - mark_now)
occurrence_timestamp_in_utc allows working with recurring events independently of time zones
overwrite_marked_timespans enables blocking priority for marked timespans
parse_exact_format defines whether scheduler automatically identifies the format of data
positive_closing defines the 'saving' behaviour for the case, when the user edits the event's text directly in the event's box
preserve_length preserves the visible length of an event while dragging along a non-linear time scale
preserve_scroll cancels preserving of the current scroll position while navigating between dates of the same view
prevent_cache enables/disables caching of GET requests in the browser
quick_info_detached defines whether the event form will appear from the left/right side of the screen or near the selected event
readonly activates the read-only mode for the scheduler
readonly_form activates the read-only mode for the lightbox
recurring_overflow_instances defines the behavior of the recurrences that transfer to the next month
recurring_workdays specifies working days that will affect the recurring event when the user selects the ""Every workday" option in the lightbox
repeat_date sets the date format of the 'End by' field in the 'recurring' lightbox
repeat_precise prevents including past days to events with the 'weekly' recurrence
resize_month_events enables the possibility to resize multi-day events in the Month view by drag-and-drop
resize_month_timed enables the possibility to resize single-day events in the Month view by drag-n-drop
responsive_lightbox makes lightbox responsive on small screens
rtl enables RTL (right-to-left) mode for the scheduler
scroll_hour sets the initial position of the vertical scroll in the scheduler (an hour in the 24-hour clock format)
section_delimiter specifies the delimeter that will be used to separate several sections/units in the related data property of the event
select shows/hides the select bar in the event's box
separate_short_events allows preventing short events from overlapping
server_utc enables converting server-side dates from UTC to a local time zone (and backward) while sending data to the server
show_errors enables showing error alerts in case of unexpected behavior
show_loading enables showing a progress/spinner while data is loading (useful for dynamic loading)
show_quick_info activates/disables the 'quick_info' extension (pop-up task's details form)
start_on_monday sets the start day of weeks
time_step sets the minimum step (in minutes) for event's time values
timeline_swap_resize defines that during event resizing the end date of the event can be swapped for the start date (after the end date becomes scheduled before the start one)
tooltip_hide_timeout sets the length of time in milliseconds before the tooltip hides
tooltip_offset_x sets the right (if positive) offset of the tooltip's position
tooltip_offset_y sets the top (if positive) offset of the tooltip's position
tooltip_timeout sets the timeout in milliseconds before the tooltip is displayed for a task
touch enables/disables the touch support in the scheduler
touch_drag defines the time period in milliseconds that is used to differ the long touch gesture from the scroll gesture
touch_swipe_dates enables/disables switching active dates using the horizontal swipe gesture on mobiles
touch_tip enables/disables prompting messages in the right top corner of the screen
touch_tooltip disables dhtmxlScheduler's tooltips on the touch devices
update_render updates the mode when the scheduler fully repaints itself on any action
use_select_menu_space defines that events occupy the whole width of the cell
wai_aria_application_role defines whether role="application" will be used for the main scheduler container and minicalendar elements
wai_aria_attributes enables WAI-ARIA support to make the component recognizable for screen readers
week_agenda_select highlights the selected event in the Week Agenda view
week_date sets the format of the date in the sub-header of the Month view
wide_form enables/disables displaying of the standard (wide) lightbox instead of the short one
xml_date sets the date format that is used to parse data from the data set
year_x sets the number of rows in the Year view
year_y sets the number of columns in the Year view
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