displays the specified view and date (doesn't invoke any events)

void updateView( [Date date,string view] );
dateDate(optional) the date to set
viewstring(optional) the view name


//displays the current view and date. Doesn't change anything, just refreshes 
// displays the 4th July,2012 in the currently active view
scheduler.updateView(new Date(2012,7,4));
// displays the 3rd May,2012 in the Week view
scheduler.updateView(new Date(2012,5,3), "week");

Related samples

  • Being invoked without parameters, the function will just refresh the current view.
  • The names for default views are 'day', 'week', 'month'. To specify any other view - use its name parameter.
  • The method is similar to setCurrentView. The only difference between methods is that unlike updateView, setCurrentView generates the onBeforeViewChange, onViewChange events.
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