removes blocking set by the blockTime() method

void unblockTime(any days, [array zones,object sections] );


instead of it, you can use deleteMarkedTimespan

var spanID = scheduler.addMarkedTimespan({  
    days:  [0,1], 
    zones: "fullday"              
daysany(Date, number,array, string) days that should be limited
zonesarraythe period in minutes that should be limited. Can be set to 'fullday' value
to limit the entire day
sectionsobjectallows blocking date(s) just for specific items of specific views. BTW, the specified date(s) will be blocked just in the related view(s)


var spanId = scheduler.blockTime(new Date(2013,2,5), "fullday");
//cancels blocking from 0 till 8 and from 18 till 24 hours for February 5, 2013
scheduler.unblockTime(new Date(2013,2,5), [0,10*60]);

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deprecated since v5.1

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