gives access to the objects of lightbox's sections

object formSection(string name);
namestringthe name of a lightbox section
objectthe section object (see the object members below)


var time = scheduler.formSection('time');
var descr = scheduler.formSection('description');
//gets the value
var value = time.getValue();
var value1 = descr.getValue();
//sets the value
descr.setValue('abc'); //for sections that contain the only control
time.setValue(null,{start_date:new Date(2009,03,10),end_date:new Date(2012,03,10)}); 
//for multi-control sections:the 1st parameter is 'null', 2nd - a data object

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The section object contains the following members:


  • section - (object) the configuration object of the section
    • id - (string) the section's id
    • name - (string) the section's name. According to the name, the scheduler takes the label for the section from the locale.labels collection. For example, for the 'time' section , the label will be taken as scheduler.locale.labels.section_time
    • height - (number) the section's height
    • map_to - (string) the name of a property mapped to the editor
  • control - (HTML collection) a collection of controls used in the section


  • getValue() - returns an object with the section's data
  • setValue() - sets the value(s) for the section. As a parameter the method takes a value (or an object with values, if the section has several controls) that should be set
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