gets the label of a select control in the lightbox

string getLabel(string property,string|number key);
propertystringthe name of a data property that the control is mapped to
keystring|numberthe option's id. This parameter is compared with the event's data property
to assign the select's option to an event
stringthe label of a select control in the lightbox


    {name:"custom", type:"select", map_to:"unit_id", options:[
        {key:1, label:"James Smith"}, 
        {key:2, label:"John Williams"}]},
        // more options
var holder2 = scheduler.getLabel("unit_id", 2);// ->"John Williams"

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The method is applied only to select controls in the lightbox, to get the label of a specific option.

For example, you can use the method to change the template of displaying the event's text:

scheduler.templates.event_text = function(start, end, event){
    return event.text + " ("+scheduler.getLabel("unit_id",event.unit_id) +")";
scheduler.init('scheduler_here',new Date(2013,5,30),"unit");
 {start_date:"06/30/2013 09:00",end_date:"06/30/2013 12:00",text:"TaskA",unit_id:1},
 {start_date:"06/30/2013 12:00",end_date:"06/30/2013 20:00",text:"TaskB",unit_id:2},
 {start_date:"06/30/2013 08:00",end_date:"06/30/2013 12:00",text:"TaskC",unit_id:2}

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